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Michel GRAFF

Accounting Assistant - Complete Accounting Assistant Course

Accounting Assistant - Complete Accounting Assistant Course

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Accounting training in Switzerland Michel Graf is a comprehensive course that aims to train students in the skills needed to become accounting professionals. Michel Graf is a recognized trainer in Switzerland for this training.

The training is usually delivered over several years and is divided into modules covering topics such as general accounting, cost accounting, taxation, corporate finance and project management. Students will also learn to use accounting software such as Cresus, Sage, Abacus, Banana, or WinBIZ.

The training is practice-oriented and includes hands-on exercises that allow students to practice the skills learned. Students are also encouraged to gain practical experience through work placements to prepare them for their future profession.

The training program is designed to meet the requirements of the Swiss Federation of Accountants and Tax Experts (FIDUCIAIRE suisse) and the Swiss Association of Accountants and Management Controllers (ASCCG). At the end of the training, students must pass a practical and theoretical exam to obtain their accounting certification.

By working with Michel Graf, students benefit from the expertise of an experienced trainer who has a solid background in accounting and finance in Switzerland. Michel Graf is able to adapt the training to the specific needs of the students and provide advice and guidance on best practices and challenges that students may face in their future profession as accountants in Switzerland.

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